Can not make or receive calls

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Can not make or receive calls

Postby terrih26 » Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:52 am

I have had my tracfone for awhile now. I added airtime and was unable to reactivate (as your site said I had to do even though I still had service time on my phone) my phone. I called customer service and you told us we needed a new SIM card (wich I did not understand since my phone was working fine until I tried to add airtime) We received the new card and installed it and yes the airtime is on my phone but now I am receiving no signal. I have never had this problem before. I used my phone 5 days ago before trying to add more air time. Also now that I have added the new SIM card that you sent me my phone no longer has double minutes. It was supposed to be a double minute for life phone that is why we purchased it. I now have a new phone number. I am not sure why since the other number worked fine 5 days ago. I sent an email into your company and have not received a responce. I would like this matter resolved quickly. I need my phone. If you can not remedy the situation then I will happily take my money back and take my business elsewhere. Thank you for your quick attencion to this matter.
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Re: Can not make or receive calls

Postby Stephanie » Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:18 am

Hi terrih26. My name is TracFone Stephanie. Sorry that you're having a problem. I'm going to try to help you now. We need to take this issue offline so I can address it further. I will contact you directly with a private message and you will receive confirmation of this at the email address you provided when you signed up for this forum. Thank you.
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