criticism and response to be helpful

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criticism and response to be helpful

Postby Nick_Levinson » Sat Dec 14, 2019 5:17 pm

When customers post problem help requests or negative reviews about TracFone's aervice or phones and TracFone responds, the response I've usually seen is that the customer should chat with or call TracFone privately. The response makes TracFone look like it doesn't know what to say. That suggests that the criticism is right, even if it isn't.

I've tried the callback system and its usefulness is limited at best. I don't have chat set up.

If TracFone thinks the customer should get some helpful advice, or is wrong, I suggest that TracFone answer the review substantively. It could state its advice, provide steps to try, or link to an essay or FAQ (which may be the same that your staff already has) so the customer can read longer information, and the rest of us with similar issues can read it, too. I prefer applying written steps rather than verbal.

I realize this is a company policy issue. Please consider it.

Thank you.
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