Caller ID LG 840G

Caller ID LG 840G

Postby Bcb742 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:15 pm

LG 840G
I have been with Tracfone for a few years now and this is my third Tracfone, the first with this problem. I am having trouble with the caller ID, this issue seems only to affect incoming calls from my employer.
When I receive an incoming call the caller ID displays a message that says "Private Number". I have tried the following.
1)I have verified the correct phone number recorded in my contact list. (transferred via bluetooth from LG 500g)
2)I have deleted the entry and replaced it in my contact list.
3)I have tried to return the call and received the message that the number was not valad.
4)I have rung co workers cell phones in my presence to verify that my employer has not blocked caller ID's. All other phones displayed the correct ID information.

This is my third Tracfone, I had a LG 500G before this and a LG 600G before that. Caller ID worked perfectly with both phones. This is a new issue for me with my new phone. It affects all phones from my employer that I have tried.
Your help resolving this issue would be appreciated.

Also, I had purchased a few ringtones for my LG 500G. Is there a way to transfer them to the new phone or are they forfeit. Tried to transfer them via bluetooth but a message came up that it was a restricted file and would not transfer.
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Re: Caller ID LG 840G

Postby Bcb742 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:16 pm

With no help so far I wanted to post an update. To correct the earlier post when the call rings in it does not come up "Private Number" it comes up "Unavailable Number". When I check the recent call list It lists the call as "Private Number".
Since my last post I located a co worker who also has a Tracfone LG 840G, rang his phone and of course it displayed the correct caller ID information.
I also restored my phone to factory settings. Didn't help. I am beginning to think my phone may be defective.

I Still would like a reply if I can salvage the ringtones I purchased for my LG 500G.

Another issue I noticed is that when I receive an incoming text the phone displays the senders phone number but not the senders name from my contact list like my other Tracfones did. Is this normal for this model phone?
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