Thank you Tracfone

Thank you Tracfone

Postby ttt » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:47 pm

Hi again, I wish to use this post to say; THANK YOU TRACFONE; I (and some other folk, sometimes rightfully so) complain to TracFone about problems we have with service and or technical issues. Well I now wish to give TracFone a cheer, (HIP, HIP,HURRAY :!: ) I had a problem with transferring left-over minutes, data, and texts from my Old TracFone to my New TracFone. After several "pleading, begging & complaining post from yours truly;" TracFone DID CORRECT this situation and agreed to transfer all my left-over minutes, data and texts over to my NEW TracFone from my OLDER TracFone. After the complaints that TracFone occasionally receives ;) I for one wish to pass along this "Sincere Compliment to TracFone management and staff"; THANK YOU for a job well done, and a pat on the back to all. So don't give up fellow TracFone er's; their can be justice in TracFone World. GO TracFone :!:
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