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How do I request phone record history?
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Re: history

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Good day, cbaxter. My name is Jessica TracFone and I'll be addressing your concern. As a company policy, we DO NOT provide Call Detail Records to customers on a regular basis. However, we will fulfill a customer’s request under special circumstances. There are process and documents required from you for the production of your phone record history:

1. A notarized letter or completed “Notarized Letter to Request Copy of Call Detail Records” form indicating:
§ Name, address, cellular phone number and alternate contact phone number.

§ Period of time for which the CDR is requested.

§ ESN/IMEI/MEID number of phone with a legible copy of the back of the phone displaying the ESN/IMEI serial number.
2. In the event a copy of the back of the phone is not available due to the phone being lost or stolen, you must provide a Police Report/Incident Report that states the phone was either lost or stolen.

Upon receipt of all required documents, the appropriate department will call you back TO THE CELLULAR PHONE NUMBER for which the records are being requested, confirm the CDR request was made and provide the CDR over the phone. If the phone for which the CDR was requested has been lost or stolen, we will check and confirm that the phone is no longer active in our system.

Once all requirements are received or an address of record established, your request will be processed. The CDR will be mailed to the address on record. Please be advised that due to FCC Regulations, the CDR will be mailed 30 days from receipt of requirements. The CDR cannot be faxed or e-mailed.

If the phone for which the CDR is requested is in Past Due status (no longer active) in the system, you must provide a subpoena or court order to receive the Call Detail Records.

CDR Requests and supporting documents must be mailed or faxed to:

TracFone Wireless, Inc

Subpoena Compliance

9700 NW 112th Avenue

Miami, FL 33178

Fax: 1-866-809-7134

Hope this answers your question. It's been a pleasure serving you. Have a good day!
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