Tracfone Account Information Missing

Tracfone Account Information Missing

Postby OneFore9 » Fri Oct 23, 2020 11:41 am

I am having issues with my online account at I can log in to my account, but all options are blank. Nothing is displayed under My Devices, Manage Profile, Payment Method, Payment History, or Rewards. This has been happening for at least 2 months. This used to work properly.

I’ve tried using Add Device, entering phone number or SIM number, but either doesn’t work, or says wrong password.

I’ve tried to edit entries in Manage Profile, but saving that information doesn’t work either.

All information shows correctly using Tracfone My Account app on android phone.

I’ve tried using different desktop/laptop computers.

I’ve tried different locations (Work/Home).

I’ve tried different browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Internet Explorer).

I’ve tried disabling ad blockers, using incognito mode, no change.

I’ve tried creating a new account, but can’t add devices that are tied to current account.
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Re: Tracfone Account Information Missing

Postby TracFone - Maria » Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:28 pm

Hi OneFore9. This is TracFone - Maria. We sincerely apologize that you have encountered problems with your My Account. Let's look further into this matter and work to get this resolved. Please check your Forum inbox for a message. Click on "New Messages" beside User Control Panel to view your Forum inbox. You can use our self-service menu by simply texting the word HELP to 611611. Thank you.
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