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Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:33 am
by tomseys
I've gotten VVM changed back to Basic VM 10 times now during the past 6 months. Even after you get it fixed, certain things can re-trigger VVM, and that apparently includes the provisioning of VoLTE, buying time, buying even just data, and transfers to new sims.

I've gotten it down to getting it done in less than 3 minutes.

The solution is to call tier three support. You need to get the tier three number + a 6 digit pin. You have to ask for it. The lower tier reps cannot do it. They don't have access to it from their screens. Call from a phone different than the phone you are trying to fix.

Once you call in, like Aura said, say you want basic voicemail to be provisioned or enabled on your account. Explain that you don't like Visual Voicemail. I like to help them by letting them know there is a setting on their screen that enables it (according to one tier three support person).

Then to quickly test it as they are enabling it, call your voicemail on the phone, look for the #1 option under #4 personal options, which it to turn message indicator on or off, and if it's there..and it will show up instantly if they have enabled basic voicemail... you're done. Thank the rep. After, you can test your voicemail notifications by calling yourself - but it always works once the 1 is back in my experience. I don't even bother testing it anymore.

You'll want to see a notification like this:

Capture.PNG (6 KiB) Viewed 5623 times

I had to switch VVM back to Basic VM twice in the past two weeks because I added a data only card. Each time took less than 3 minutes to get it done. This was all done with a Tracfone branded Samsung J3 Luna Pro (actually 2 of them) and one other Tracfone branded Samsung phone.

Good luck.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:38 am
by Aura
Well, it's about time, lol :D
Good to know you also have mastered the calling of tech support tier 3

Ya, I am dreading when I have to buy time, but I don't expire until 11/19/2020- so for that long I will enjoy having Basic Voicemail, lol

We really need to figure out if we can have Basic Voicemail as the default, instead of VVM as the default.

This is strange because before this phone - I had a Tracfone from Tracfone (QVC) and no problems, but now I have a LG G6 from Best Buy with a Tracfone SIM card with Verizon as the carrier, and now with the problem, Hmmmmm!!

It's a setting at the home office computers that's really the problem, I think?!

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:10 am
by tomseys
Yeah.. I'm afraid they will eliminate basic vm totally and require us to use VVM.

I think this whole VVM business started when voLTE started getting enabled on peoples phones in the past year. Verizon is switching to voLTE (Voice over LTE) soon, they are ditching CDMA (1xRTT), so all Tracfone phones must be able to make voLTE calls. Most if not all new phones are voLTE capable and have it provisioned and enabled (setting in Mobile Networks). This will yield HD Voice between Verizon phones. My Tracfone Luna Pro has HD voice with other Verizon phones with the voLTE enabled. Which is great.

I and others have noticed that when voLTE is enabled on a voLTE capable phone, it seems to also come with VVM. I learned that when I called in to get it enabled on a phone that should have it but the setting was missing. I got the setting but basic vm was changed to VVM. Had to call in again to get basic vm again. My Luna pro seemed to first get VVM around when I first noticed it had voLTE which was during the last year. Other people have noticed VVM become active during this same time. So it seems to be connected to that.

I don't like VVM because it requires mobile data set to "on" to work properly, and I like to keep my mobile data off unless I really need it. I use Wi-Fi most of the time. I hardly get voicemails so keeping mobile data on all the time just to get a few voicemails in a visual voicemail app a month makes no sense to me. With mobile data on i could use it by mistake or an app could use it. Plus there is the extra battery drain.

The notifications it gives you when you have VVM while keeping mobile data set to "off" lack functionality. They don't dial in, and they don't auto clear when you check your messages and delete them via *86.

Basic VM on the other hand is easy. Especially if you have it auto dial your password. You get the notification, press it, listen to your message, delete if you want, done. Your notification clears. No mobile data, no apps, no fuss. It's normal.

Well, I'm pretty good with time and minutes now so I should be set for a while.

It would be nice if they could make this an option we can choose in our accounts. Some people prefer VVM. Let people select what they want. At least give all the reps, like in the online chat, the knowledge and ability to switch it on and off so its not so difficult to get done.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:20 am
by Aura
Assuming that you are right about VoLTE having anything to do with the VVM problem . . . .

I wonder if turning data "on" before we buy time and minutes would avoid getting that gibberish data sent to our phones - telling the phone that it indeed got the time and minutes, thus avoiding the switch-back to VVM automatically, since its the default setting?! Then after the buy, turn data back "off".

I need to buy more data since I only have 1.33GB left, so i'll try it next time.

Like I said before, I have a unlocked LG G6 (awesome phone) that can handle Any carrier with the BYO Smartphone SIM Kit by Tracfone, but Tracfone has no idea I have that phone that is in fact VoLTE capable, all they know is that I'm using their Verizon SIM card, so that tells me (I think) that they send 2 signals at the same time - the Basic VM data and VVM data signals.

I also know that I have access to the settings to turn "OFF" VoLTE

If you want to turn "OFF" VoLTE Provisioned, Dial this: *#*#4636#*#* it's in Phone Info, scroll down to VoLTE Provisioned.

If you want to enable VoWiFi Calling you can Toggle it "ON" by going to your dialer and type this: *#546368#*997# (NOTE: The SKU for MY phone is: LGUS997USABK or Model # or P/N: US997) so you need to replace the "997" with your own model number for you to access the VoWiFi Calling Toggle.

Even when Verizon permanently goes to VoLTE there would be no way for my phone to process VVM data - since I don't have the "VVM App" unless somehow it's magically downloaded to my phone, lol :geek:

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:06 am
by tomseys
If you do buy data, there is a promo code 14223 that should yield 1.5GB of data.

Interesting to see if your theory is correct.

Page plus now has a link that can tell if your phone has voLTE capability apparently..

That code does not work in my phone.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:02 am
by tomseys
I tried your idea btw, i bought 1GB data (1.5GB) with mobile data on, watched for the account update, and right away it seems I lost basic VM and had VVM. I confirmed it rapidly looking for #1 option under personal options which was lost.

I called in and got it fixed back to basic. So that's number 11 lol.

It's worth it... its a good deal for data. Maybe try it and you'll see something different.
Many people have noticed different behavior between byop and tracfone branded phones with various things.

Anyway, whatever... as long as I can get my basic back I'm happy. If I had to use VVM i guess I could adapt to that too.

Good luck dealing with VVM and keepin' it basic.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:57 pm
by Aura
:arrow: I checked for VoLTE on the url you provided and confirmed what I already knew, that I indeed have it enabled, and the pics above show that also ;)

Thanks for the Data promo code, I will use it.

Damn, my idea didn't work with data "ON" while buying time/min/etc. Thanx for trying, but it's good that we are narrowing down our ideas on a "Fix 4 VVM"

lol, It's good that you have Tech Support Tier 3 on speed dial, lol

But I have a question, How do you go about getting a Ticket/Case Number so quickly? OR
Do you just call the Tech support number and insist on Tier 3 immediately? :mrgreen:

>> ONE other idea is that we disable VoLTE when buying time/min/etc. OR even disabling HD Voice in the Advanced Calling menu, because didn't you say something about HD Voice having something to do with VoLTE?

BTW I actually enabled HD Voice myself hours after I bought the phone, because I watched some YouTube videos on how to improve the phone when you first buy it.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:56 am
by tomseys
Just call them like you did last time. Or go into online chat and ask for tier three number. And just use it again.

Yes HD voice is nice, I have it with people that have Verizon service. So on those calls i get the HD voice quality and the HD symbol in my phone app screen. Sounds pretty good on my Tracfone branded Samsung J3 Luna Pro!

HD voice is only possible through voLTE. My crude understanding is that voLTE makes it possible for calls to be made over LTE, and HD Voice is a special codec that highly improves the voLTE call quality. I believe its possible to have voLTE and not have HD voice. But not the other way around. So, I've noticed that us TF verizon users do have HD voice when calling verizon phones (with voLTE switched on). I don't think it works when calling other providers like AT&T and T-Mobile. At least presently.

Also, mobile data does not have to be on for voLTE to work, because voice over LTE (voLTE) has a separate pipe in the LTE bandwidth. VoLTE just needs to be provionsed, and switched on in settings.

To see if voLTE is really working, get an app like signal check or LTE discovery, and make a call, and you should see that it is not using 1xRTT cdma, it is using LTE. It's volte-ing.

Turn off data, turn off wifi, just to make it clear, make a call (with voLTE on) and take a look at what happens. You may see LTE 1900 or LTE AWS etc. if you turn voLTE off, you'll see 1xRTT being used for the call.

Another thing when you have voLTE working and "on", is that when you turn mobile data on (turn wifi off), you can make a call and use internet (data) at same time. Normally, without voLTE set to "on", you can't do that with Verizon. Try it out both ways.

On my Samsung phone, there is only one setting for voLTE and HD Voice... its called voLTE calls, located in Settings/Connections/Mobile Networks. With it set to "on", you have HD voice with Verizon phones (that have it).

On other phones, like LG, there are the two settings it seems, the voLTE and advanced calling which is interesting.. it's like they separated it. I don't have an LG phone so I'm not very familiar with their settings. But I guess both need be on for HD Voice to work. Or maybe advanced calling/HD voice just needs to be switched on and this turns voLTE on. I don't know. In any case, with it on, try the above.

Anyway, going by memory here, this is stuff I learned dealing with voLTE issues, which is even more fun than voicemail issues (lol). It's harder to get voLTE provisioned to your sim/account if voLTE is missing in the settings via tier three support than changing VVM to Basic VM since I believe they may sometimes need to contact Verizon to do it and it takes a little time on the phone. And it will bring on VVM if successful. So that's another call. Been there, done that.

Would be great though if they could put a VVM on/off option in our online accounts. Save everyone a lot of time.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:08 am
by tomseys
There is another angle to this. The Android operating system has its own built in VVM "app" in the dialer of the phone app. It's had it since Marshmallow apparently. From what I've been told, when you have VVM enabled on your account, and you have access to Android VVM and you turn the Android VVM app off, and turn data off, the app gives you a similar notification that happens when you have basic voicemail. The notification dials, and auto-clears.

The problem is, the factory installed Tracfone VVM app apparently cannot be be completely disabled or uninstalled and because of this, it does not let Android's VVM appear in the dialer and does not allow you access to it. It seems to block it as far as I can tell.

It it's true that the Android VVM behaves like this when you turn it off and turn data off, then for me, that is problem solved. But alas, I can't access it because of the factory installed VVM app.

An installed app that when you disable it as much as you can and/or turn data off, gives forth "voicemail activities notifications" that don't dial, auto clear, and will give you additional notifications if you do something in the voicemail like delete a message. These notifications are not nearly as functional as the basic voicemail notification or apparently what Android VVM allows.

Re: Voicemail notification not working correctly

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:05 am
by Aura
I actually wish I did have the VVM App on my un-locked LG G6 with Oreo

With all the secret Menu's that I have access to on this phone, there is no indication that the VVM App is installed on this phone what-so-ever.

Please explain to me: 'How you know you have VVM App' ? :ugeek: