several ports gone completely wrong for two family phones

several ports gone completely wrong for two family phones

Postby dchmelik » Mon Sep 19, 2022 12:35 am

My family used TracFone since mid-to-late 1990s and liked it but now have critical problems! My mom and I use TracFone Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) SIM card kits for our carrier-unlocked GSM phones, and my dad is considering. After advent of phone PCs ('smartphones') my parents often/always ask & authorize me to update their phones.

Earlier this year you sent my mother a Verizon SIM card, which she hadn't installed, but you ported her phone number to that (without notification/consent) on 8th of September, and she found out this past Friday--when needing to make an important call--that it's inactive and she lost 10+ days service. On Saturday, one of your technicians agreed to reactivate her GSM SIM card but couldn't complete, so--without ticket number--transferred me to a higher technical department manager, who hung up. I called back today and another technician was going to finish repair, then refused--saying she must switch to Verizon--and deactivated/deleted my mom's phone number and service record (which is paid for through next Spring)!

I could no longer access customer/technical support chat/phone with wrongly-deactivated/deleted phone & SIM card numbers, so entered mine, which in the past TracFone was able to work on multiple TracFones when my family called this way. Chat said there's no record of my mom's number (active earlier today) and that I must call, even after I said audio is currently uncomfortable/painful for me, and they transferred my information (without mentioning my mom's phone number) to higher technical department that called back, whom said similar and didn't send verification to my mom's email rather than mine, but finally promised my mom can get back her phone number, service days & minutes & SMS & Internet data amounts, so I said I'd call back later and installed the Verizon SIM card.

When I called back (a few minutes ago), again I could only enter my phone number to even get through. I told the technician my mom needs her phone number back and what it is, which he said there's no record, which I'd already told him, then he tried to reactivate my mom's number... instead he ported my phone number to my mom's phone, so now neither my mom's nor mine have correct/working phone numbers.

I need my phone number back immediately so various people/organizations I talk to and do business with are able to access my accounts, even by automation/software I now can't access (though may be able to port back in and neither can my mom, similarly. My mom also needs her phone number back by tomorrow for that usage and travel/emergency, as will I this week.

On top of it all, due to logging-in so many times to deal with this mess, I usually can't login to anymore in my main web browser--just keeps asking verify I'm not a bot--and in my secondary web browser, though can login to accounts, account pages don't display anymore.

We need help for all our phone numbers & SIM cards including ones you wrongly deactivated/deleted, without chat-/voice-bots refusing to transfer to an agent for those.

TracFone used to be good before the corporate buyout/merger, but now this has been nothing but many (eight or more) mistakes in a row that left us without our phone numbers! I know over 5,000 complaints were sent to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and unanswered by TracFone, and you got penalized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the past, and it seems like porting people's phone numbers without notification/consent, and doing botch jobs might be something BBB & FCC has to deal with.
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